Body Mind and Soul, Self-Care, Wellness

What is Self-Care?

Self-care and is not just a trendy term, but an important part of our hectic and busy lives. It helps us support our health and wellness in a variety of ways. Self-care can look different for everyone. For some, it's taking a hot bath, meditating, getting a massage, reading a good book or practicing yoga.… Continue reading What is Self-Care?

Body Mind and Soul, Wellness

So, What Does Wellness Mean Anyway?

Wellness is the result of a harmonious interplay between body mind and soul in anyone's private, social and natural environment (Pitz-Kusch 2001) It's a concept that is a multidimensional, practice-oriented philosophy of life. Where the goal is the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the individual. Wellness is a word combined of wellbeing and fitness.… Continue reading So, What Does Wellness Mean Anyway?