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Menopause is a big topic, yet it's still very taboo. There's a lot of shame attached to it, and lots of misconceptions and judgmental opinions go around this completely normal stage of a woman's life. Every single woman who reaches mid-life will go through it. And every single woman will experience it differerently. We need… Continue reading Menopause

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What is a Health Coach?

Different than a nutrition coach, a health coach doesn't just focus on nutrition and exercise, as a means for health, but also on overall wellness through other areas of a person's life.Depending on the needs, this includes stress, sleeping habits, relationship and career satisfaction, as well as social and home environment. For anyone who wants… Continue reading What is a Health Coach?

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Conscious Feasting and Healthy Snacking

Winter time, with the cold and its darkness, is the season in which the desire for sweets and hearty meals is greater than usual. In addition, there are all those Christmas cookies and the Festive meals with work colleagues, friends and family, where you can easily gain some weight.But, don't torture yourself with a strict… Continue reading Conscious Feasting and Healthy Snacking

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What is Self-Care?

Self-care and is not just a trendy term, but an important part of our hectic and busy lives. It helps us support our health and wellness in a variety of ways. Self-care can look different for everyone. For some, it's taking a hot bath, meditating, getting a massage, reading a good book or practicing yoga.… Continue reading What is Self-Care?

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So, What Does Wellness Mean Anyway?

Wellness is the result of a harmonious interplay between body mind and soul in anyone's private, social and natural environment (Pitz-Kusch 2001) It's a concept that is a multidimensional, practice-oriented philosophy of life. Where the goal is the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the individual. Wellness is a word combined of wellbeing and fitness.… Continue reading So, What Does Wellness Mean Anyway?