My Story

Hi, I’m Nathalie.
I’m a Swiss certified nutrition coach, as well as an IIN certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and I’m based close to Zurich, Switzerland. I’m a mom to an 18 year old, and to some fur babies.

Through years living abroad, mostly in the USA, I’ve experienced and seen different lifestyles and eating habits. And since I’ve always been interested in healthy living and eating, I’ve experimented with different foods, as well as diets, throughout my life.
In addition, as a young woman, with a healthy, slim body, I felt that I was never skinny enough. So I always thought I had to loose weight, and regularly tried new restrictive diets. And soon enough I exprienced the classic JoJo effect.
With life changes in my 30s, I started experiencing health issues, due to hormonal imbalances and a hectic, unstable lifestyle, with a lot of stress. At that point, no matter which diet I tried, nothing helped anymore. In my early 40s I had severe anemia and iron deficiency. And at some point came a hysterectomy, a lyme disease infection, and hypothyroidism, all in the same year. I got over the lyme disease, and am still on hypothyroidism treatment. But, I was still struggling with weight loss, energy, sleep and stress.

Due to all these issues, and years of dealing with all kinds of symptoms, I came to a point, where I wanted to learn how to heal myself. And so my new educational journey started, to become a holistic health coach.

The nutrition coaching education in Switzerland, taught me all about general nutrition and its general biochemistry. But since this knowledge didn’t seem enough to me, I found the IIN holistic Nutrition Coach Program, with it’s concept that, not only nutrition and an active lifestyle, but also body, mind, and soul, and especially bio-individuality, are essential in healing oneself, and reaching optimal wellness.

Thanks to all my training, and my own healing journey, I’m now following a childhood dream, being able to help others. I’m excited to guide people through their health journey in a (w)holistic approach.

My Mission

With so many people barely making it through the day without xx amount of coffee, or people who can’t figure out why they can’t loose weight, and why they feel so bloated, stressed or just overwhelmed and exhausted, I want to be of help.
I focus on each person’s bio-individuality, and show them how to nourish not just their bodies, but also other parts of their lives.
I’m here to listen, guide, investigate, support and create a plan that is individualized for YOUR lifestyle, to make changes possible and long lasting.

Food is medicine, but no one diet works for everybody, nor is food alone the key to health.
Health goes much deeper. One has to nourish not only their body, but also their mind and soul. And this is the concept of Nourished with Nat.

What I Offer

I offer individual sessions, as well as a full on 6-Month Program for effective, lasting change. Sessions can be held in German or English, and in person, or per Zoom.

The 6-Month Porgram includes 12 sessions, where we meet every 2 weeks. It also includes helpful handouts, a pantry make-over, and a grocery store tour (if you live in the area), as well as, weekly support through messaging.

In all sessions, I offer you confidentiality, an open ear, science backed knowledge, support, tools, accountability, check-ins and a step-by-step, integrative approach in reaching your health goals.
If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact me through the form below.


  • Single Sessions: CHF 100.- for 50 minutes.
  • 6-Month Program: CHF 960.- for 12 Month (CHF 80.- per session)
  • Add-ons: Pantry make-over CHF 50.-