My Story

Hello, my name is Nathalie. I live in Zurich, Switzerland, and I’m a Swiss certified nutrition coach, as well as an IIN certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I’m also a mother of a now 17 year old, and of some fur babies. I’m a Swiss native, who has shortly lived in Italy, and then in California, USA, for a long time.

Through my journey of living in different countries, I’ve experienced and seen different lifestyles and eating habits. Myself, being a foodie, who’s always been interested in healthy living and eating, I’ve experimented with many different eating habits and diets throughout my life.
Because at first, as a young woman, being slender wasn’t skinny enough. And then, life changes happened where I started to gain weight, then lost it again, and gained it again…the typical JoJo effect. Alongside that, I started experiencing health issues, through hormonal imbalances and internal stress. At that point, no matter which diet I tried, nothing helped anymore. With time I had developed such serious fibroid issues, due to undetected hormonal imbalances, that I had to get a hysterectomy. Then I found out I had hypothyroidism, and even Lyme disease, all in one year! I treated everything in a conventional way, with medicine, which keeps my thyroid issue at bay, and treated my Lyme disease, but created long lasting side effects.

I somehow managed all the after-effects for many years, with ups and downs. Then I decided to do a nutrition coach program, which taught me so much about general nutrition and its general biochemistry. But it didn’t seem enough, because I noticed that food alone was not the cure. It turned out, that (internal) stress was one of the key factors in my health issues. So I found the IIN Integrative Nutrition Coach Program, with it’s concept that, not only nutrition and an active lifestyle, but also body, mind, and soul, and especially bio-individuality, are essential in healing oneself, and reaching overall health and wellbeing.

Now with all my training and gained knowledge, my own improved health and energy, and my child long dream to help others, I’m excited to guide people in their health journey in a (w)holistic approach. No one diet, or single lifestyle change is the key to health. Health goes deeper, to create a long lasting “nourishing” effect, and it has to be seen as a whole…body, mind and soul.

My Mission

So many people barely make it through the day without X amount of coffee, or can’t figure out why they can’t loose weight, or why they feel so bloated or stressed or just exhausted. Most of these symptoms come from food and stressors. But there can be a myriad of other reasons too. So many ailments can easily be remedied with lifestyle and nutrition changes, in an integrative approach. But there’s no one-fix-it-all approach.
And this is my mission, to help people figure out why they feel the way they do. By trying to get to the bottom of things, while finding ways to relieve symptoms, and creating a plan to make sustainable changes for long lasting healing and health.
I focus on each person’s bio-individuality, and show them how to nourish not just their bodies, but also minds and souls.
I want to help as many people as possible, by listening, guiding, sharing my knowledge and help find personalized ways to optimal energy, weight and health, and overall satisfaction with life, while fitting it into their busy lives.

What I Offer

I offer individual 6 month programs (in German or English, in person or through Zoom), where we’ll meet every two weeks, with a total of 12 sessions.
I offer you confidentiality, an open ear, knowledge, support, tools, accountability, check-ins and a step-by-step, integrative approach in reaching your health goals.
If you’d like to know more, or directly want to schedule a free first consultation, feel free to contact me through my contact form below.