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Menopause is a big topic, yet it’s still very taboo. There’s a lot of shame attached to it, and lots of misconceptions and judgmental opinions go around this completely normal stage of a woman’s life. Every single woman who reaches mid-life will go through it. And every single woman will experience it differerently. We need to change the stigma that goes with it, by starting to openly discuss our “second Puberty”, “the Change”, “Climacterium”, “sweaty Hell” whatever you might want to call it, while supporting one another with information, exchange and science backed education.

This is a big topic, as mentioned above, and I’m so happy that some celebrities have taken this topic as their personal quest to spread the word and normalize it. I’ve been wanting to talk about it since last year. Yet, due to the stigma it has I was in denial myself. In denial that I would ever need support during this huge hormonal change, until reality hit me pretty hard beginning of this year. So, I started posting information on menopause on my Instagram a few month ago. Now I’m extending it here on my blog.

Below is my first informational Post on Menopause I had posted 3 month ago on Instagram. Starting with the basics, the 3 stages of the female hormonal change. I will go deeper into this subject in future posts. But you can see more posts now on my instagram account nourished_withnat. Head on over there and give me a like and comment on the post you’re really interested in, and I will go into it in more detail here in my blog.

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