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What is a Health Coach?

Different than a nutrition coach, a health coach doesn’t just focus on nutrition and exercise, as a means for health, but also on overall wellness through other areas of a person’s life.
Depending on the needs, this includes stress, sleeping habits, relationship and career satisfaction, as well as social and home environment.

For anyone who wants to make changes, and is willing to do the work, to achieve optimal wellness and health, the Coach provides accountability and continuous support, while sharing evidence-based knowledge and strategies to actively encourage the client in health and lifestyle changes. Along the way, a Health Coach also helps find possible challenges that may prevent change, and steps that can be taken to achieve long lasting, sustainable goals.

Health Coaches use different tools, such as the circle of life to look at different areas of a person’s life, or food diaries, as well as the SMART Goals approach, relaxation techniques, and cooking/ recipe tips, just to name a few.

A Health Coach DOES NOT pressure anyone into doing anything. Neither do we prescribe any diets, or supplements or any sorts of medications. We also do not guarantee any miraculous healing.
We’re here to listen, to support, to figure out underlying issues, to share our knowledge, to educate and create strategies that work for each individual person.

We also recommend that anyone, who has serious illnesses, to see a professional health care provider for testing and treatment. But, we’re here along the way to support you on your health journey, and to keep you accountable if you wish so, while in compliance of doctor’s recommendations.

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